The Quality Assurance Manager will be responsible for developing and implementing quality assurance policies and procedures. They will also be responsible for conducting quality audits and managing the corrective action process. The Quality Assurance Manager will liaise with other departments to ensure that quality standards are met and will report to senior management on the performance of the quality assurance system.

Quality Assurance Manager Job Responsibilities

  • The Quality Assurance Manager is responsible for ensuring that all products manufactured by the company meet or exceed customer expectations.
  • The Quality Assurance Manager develops and implements quality assurance plans and procedures.
  • The Quality Assurance Manager monitors product quality at each stage of production and takes corrective action when necessary.
  • The Quality Assurance Manager conducts regular audits of the manufacturing process to ensure compliance with quality standards.
  • The Quality Assurance Manager works closely with the Engineering Department to resolve quality issues in a timely manner.


  • To develop, implement and maintain quality assurance systems that meet organizational requirements and exceed customer expectations.
  • To lead and coordinate the activities of the quality assurance team in order to ensure that all products and services meet the highest standards of quality.
  • To establish and maintain effective communication channels with all stakeholders involved in the quality assurance process.
  • To monitor and report on the performance of the quality assurance system on a regular basis, identify areas for improvement and take corrective action where necessary.
  • To liaise with external bodies such as accreditation bodies or regulatory authorities as required in relation to quality assurance matters.

Quality Assurance Manager Job Skills & Qualifications Needed

  • A Quality Assurance Manager typically needs a bachelor's degree in a technical field such as engineering, computer science, or mathematics. Many companies also require at least five years of experience in quality assurance or a related field. In addition, the Quality Assurance Manager must have strong analytical and problemsolving skills. They must also be able to effectively communicate with all levels of management.