About HireTemplates by Refer.io

We are EXPERTS at Hiring Optimization & Recruitment Marketing!

No really... we've spent the last 15 years helping 10's of thousands of employers with their hiring!

- starting with our first ATS system iApplicants launched in 2005

- bringing us to today where refer.io manages the talent communities and job alerts for over 10,000 employers... sending out 100 millions emails a month with a 50% open rate!

We've built software platforms, written thousands of creative job ads, generated over 80 million applicants, and sent BILLIONS of emails to job seekers to alert them of new jobs!

More importantly, we've also been where you are at. We had to hire and scale our own team from 1 to over 300 employees.

And our results were amazing... try 450 applicants per hire without paying job boards!

We even built the most powerful employee referral program we've ever seen... that resulted in 20 referrals per hire at a cost of less than $300 per hire!

And this site is all about sharing our hard learned lessons with employers!

Why should you work with us?

The #1 thing that we've learned over the last 20 years... long-lasting results aren't a trick or a hack. They don't come from simply throwing money or prayers or even the newest software at the problem.

When it comes to creating a powerful Hiring Engine for your business... you are going to need to invest some time and energy in nailing down your differentiation strategy, identifying target employee, understanding your unique upgrade value proposition, and most of all... CREATING AMAZING CONTENT!

What companies have we built?

When it comes to innovation in the HRTech and Hiring world... specifically focused on small to mid-sized businesses looking to compete for talent against the hiring Goliaths of the World... we've been there championing the underdog for almost 2 decades.

Below is a list of just a few of our Product/Service Platforms:

- iApplicants

- ApplicantPro

- ProScreening

- SelectiveHiring

- HRFuse

- HireLink

- 321Forms

- Refer.io

- GPT4work

We'd love to Chat!

No really... we would love to hop on Zoom, hear about your specific hiring challenges, and show you exactly how we can help you solve them!

Just reach out and let's chat! (we promise we won't bite... or be pushy salespeople!)

Ryan Kohler

HireTemplates by Refer.io

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St George, UT 84790

Email: rykay@refer.io

Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/gpt4work/