The certified medical assistant is responsible for performing a variety of duties in the medical office. They will take patient histories and vital signs, prepare patients for examination, assist the physician with procedures, give injections and vaccinations, schedule appointments, and perform routine laboratory tests. The certified medical assistant must be able to multi-task and have excellent customer service skills.

Certified Medical Assistant Job Responsibilities

  • Greet and escort patients to exam rooms
  • Record patient medical histories and vital statistics
  • Prepare patients for examination and treatment
  • Assist the physician during examinations and treatments
  • Perform routine laboratory tests and procedures
  • Schedule appointments and maintain records
  • Give patient instructions on medication, diet, and home care


  • To provide quality patient care in a medical office or clinic setting.
  • To perform administrative and clinical tasks to support the work of physicians and other healthcare professionals.
  • To maintain a clean, safe, and organized work environment.
  • To educate patients on their health conditions, medications, and treatments.
  • To record patient medical histories and vital statistics.
  • To prepare patients for examinations and procedures.
  • To assist with the administration of treatments and medications prescribed by physicians.
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Certified Medical Assistant Job Skills & Qualifications Needed

  • The skills and qualifications needed for the role of Certified Medical Assistant include: excellent communication and customer service skills, strong organizational skills, detailoriented, ability to multitask, knowledge of medical terminology and basic anatomy, computer literacy. Most importantly, candidates must be certified by an accredited institution in order to be eligible for this position.