A stylist is a professional who helps clients select clothing and accessories that are appropriate for their body type, lifestyle, and budget. They may also provide advice on hair and makeup styles.

Stylist Job Responsibilities

  • Meeting with clients to discuss their hair and beauty needs
  • Consulting with clients to select the right hair style, color, and products
  • Cutting, coloring, and styling hair according to client's preferences
  • Providing advice on hair care and maintenance
  • Recommending hairstyles and products to suit each individual client's unique look


  • To style clients’ hair in accordance with their wishes and preferences
  • To shampoo, condition, and treat clients’ hair before styling
  • To consult with clients about their hair care needs and concerns
  • To recommend appropriate hair care products for use at home
  • To provide excellent customer service to all clients

Stylist Job Skills & Qualifications Needed

  • There are no specific qualifications needed to become a stylist, but most stylists have completed some form of training in fashion, cosmetology, or another related field. Many stylists also have experience working in the fashion industry before becoming a stylist.