The Economist will be responsible for conducting economic research and analysis, preparing reports and presentations, and providing advice on economic policy. The Economist will also be required to keep abreast of developments in the field of economics and provide updates and commentary on current events.

Economist Job Responsibilities

  • Conduct economic research and analysis to help inform decisionmaking by government officials, business leaders, and the general public.
  • Develop theories and models to explain economic phenomena and predict future trends.
  • Write papers, reports, or articles explaining economic concepts for lay audiences.
  • Give presentations on economic topics to academic, business, or government audiences.
  • Advise clients on investment strategies or other financial decisions based on economic conditions and projections.
  • Serve as an expert witness in legal cases involving economic issues.
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  • To provide analysis and advice on economic policy issues, such as inflation, interest rates, taxation and government spending.
  • To analyse and interpret economic data, including GDP figures and unemployment statistics.
  • To monitor and forecast economic trends in both the national and global economy.
  • To research specific economic issues in depth and produce reports on findings.
  • To advise governments, businesses and other organisations on economic policy matters.

Economist Job Skills & Qualifications Needed

  • A bachelor's degree in economics or a related field is typically required for entrylevel positions. A master's degree or PhD may be required for some advanced positions. Economists need strong analytical and math skills. They must be able to effectively communicate their findings to others.