A Store Supervisor is responsible for the overall operation of a retail store. This includes supervising staff, handling customer inquiries, stocking shelves, and maintaining the store clean and organized. The Store Supervisor must be able to work in a fast-paced environment and have excellent customer service skills.

Store Supervisor Job Responsibilities

  • Ensures that store policies and procedures are followed
  • Maintains a clean and organized store
  • Trains and supervises store employees
  • Deals with customer complaints and concerns
  • Restocks shelves as needed
  • Orders merchandise as needed
  • Prepares weekly sales reports
  • May open or close the store


  • To oversee and coordinate the daily operations of the store
  • To ensure that the store runs smoothly and efficiently
  • To supervise and train store staff
  • To handle customer inquiries and complaints
  • To maintain stock levels and ensure that shelves are well stocked
  • To carry out opening and closing procedures

Store Supervisor Job Skills & Qualifications Needed

  • The skills and qualifications needed for the role of store supervisor vary depending on the company and the specific position. However, most employers require at least a high school diploma or equivalent, and some sort of supervisory experience. Additionally, strong communication and customer service skills are essential in this role.