A mystery shopper is a person who visits businesses anonymously in order to evaluate the quality of customer service. Mystery shoppers assesses factors such as friendliness, knowledge, and helpfulness of staff, as well as the cleanliness and overall appearance of the business. They may also be required to make a purchase in order to evaluate the entire customer experience from start to finish. After their visit, mystery shoppers write up a report detailing their findings.

Mystery Shopper Job Responsibilities

  • Visit assigned stores or restaurants and evaluate the customer service
  • Take note of the cleanliness, atmosphere, and overall experience
  • Complete a detailed report of their findings
  • Some mystery shoppers may be required to make purchases in order to fully evaluate the store


  • To provide an objective evaluation of the quality of customer service at a business
  • To identify any areas where improvement is needed in the customer service process
  • To make recommendations for how to improve the overall quality of customer service

Mystery Shopper Job Skills & Qualifications Needed

  • The skills and qualifications needed for the role of mystery shopper vary depending on the company that you are working for. However, most companies will require you to have excellent communication and customer service skills. You should also be able to pay close attention to detail and be able to work independently.