The Farm Manager is responsible for the overall management of the farm. This includes planning and executing all production activities, managing staff and finances, and ensuring compliance with all government regulations. The Farm Manager must be able to work independently and have a strong understanding of agriculture.

Farm Manager Job Responsibilities

  • Overseeing all aspects of farm operations
  • Developing and implementing farm plans
  • Coordinating planting, harvesting, and other activities
  • supervising farm workers
  • Maintaining equipment and facilities
  • Ensuring compliance with government regulations
  • Managing finances and recordkeeping


  • To oversee and manage all aspects of the farm
  • To develop and implement plans for the efficient use of resources
  • To ensure that all operations are carried out in a safe and effective manner
  • To monitor production levels and quality control
  • To maintain records and financial reports
  • To liaise with customers, suppliers and other relevant parties

Farm Manager Job Skills & Qualifications Needed

  • The skills and qualifications needed for the role of Farm Manager vary depending on the size and type of farm. However, most Farm Managers will need at least a bachelor's degree in agricultural science or a related field. They should also have experience working with livestock and crops, as well as knowledge of farm equipment and machinery. Additionally, excellent communication and organizational skills are essential for this position.