The beekeeper is responsible for the care and management of honey bee colonies in apiaries. They are responsible for monitoring hive health, performing routine maintenance on hives and equipment, and harvesting honey. The beekeeper must have a strong understanding of honey bee biology and behavior in order to be successful in this role.

Beekeeper Job Responsibilities

  • Inspect hives on a regular basis to ensure that the bees are healthy and producing enough honey
  • Remove honey from the hives when it is ready to be harvested
  • Maintain the equipment used for beekeeping
  • Educate others about bees and the importance of pollination


  • To produce high quality honey and other bee products
  • To maintain healthy and productive bee colonies
  • To educate others about bees and promote the importance of pollinators
  • To conduct research on bees and their behavior

Beekeeper Job Skills & Qualifications Needed

  • In order to be a beekeeper, one must have patience, good handeye coordination, and stamina. They must also be able to work in hot and humid conditions. Additionally, beekeepers must have knowledge of the biology of bees and be able to identify different types of bees.