The Commercial Fisherman is responsible for the operation of the fishing vessel and gear, as well as the safety of the crew. The fisherman must be able to work long hours in often difficult conditions. They are also responsible for the catch, and must ensure that it is of good quality and quantity.

Commercial Fisherman Job Responsibilities

  • Operate and maintain fishing equipment
  • Set and haul nets
  • Sort and store catches
  • Sell fish


  • To catch and sell fish commercially
  • To work long hours in often difficult conditions
  • To be physically fit and able to handle heavy equipment
  • To have knowledge of different types of fishing gear and how to use it
  • To be able to identify different types of fish
  • To clean and maintain equipment

Commercial Fisherman Job Skills & Qualifications Needed

  • There are no formal qualifications needed to become a commercial fisherman, although most fishermen have completed some form of training. Many commercial fishermen start their careers as deckhands or crew members on fishing boats, and work their way up to becoming captains or owners of their own vessels. Some commercial fishermen may also hold degrees in marine biology or other related fields.